Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art Books? You Shouldn't Have!

If I was on my game, -yesterday- would have been sketchblog updating day. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there was chocolate to eat and research to do for demo reels. In addition to that, I was given two amazing art books for Christmas, Imaginative Realism, by James Gurney, and The Art of Kung Fu Panda, which is absolutely gorgeous, and full of the nicest character sketches around.

James Gurney was my favourite illustrator growing up, and his book is pretty much insane. If you don't have it and you draw fantastical subject matter, then you're totally missing out. Also, he seems like a really nice guy. When I was doing illustration research in art school he was thoughtful enough to not only respond to my letter, but also send a sample of his client mailing card for reference. Very cool.

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