Saturday, May 29, 2010

More on the Topic of Art Books

My copy of the Art of Uncharted 2 arrived the other day and, like the game itself, the thing is basically perfect in every conceivable way. There are insane sculpts, concept pieces, prop designs, 2D and 3D environment renders and write ups on the production process and characters (probably my favourite part), and it's definitely worth a look if you can get your hands on it. Or, if you are a former digital animation classmate, dude, I will seriously let you borrow it, because it's just that awesome and great for learning. :)

Also, I have a job! Highfives all around.


  1. Whooo! How's the job going?
    Also, if I lived anywhere near you, I'd be knocking on your door to borrow that Uncharted book. And, I really like your fanart in the previous post, nicely done :)

  2. Going well, thanks for asking! If you get a chance to see it, there's a ton of environment work in there. Heaps!