Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mahsuri: Page Four

I've given a little thought to whether this should be a well-researched, accurate representation of Malaysia, or take a more fantastical approach. As the story is centered around magical realism, however, I'm going to shoot for the latter. Which in this case means purple and turquoise shrubs. Essentially, it's Malaysia in the way that Prince of Persia takes place in Persia.

Also, experimenting with new fonts and positioning. In the end, I think previous pages are going to go this route.


  1. As a Malaysian, I got to say that it is interesting to see a local folk tale illustrated from a foreigner's point of view. Overall it looks great, but I can't help but wonder if the ending makes for a good storybook.

    There are a few subtle things that look out of place for the era and location to me, but then again since you are going with Magical Realism you can pretty much justify any of this as artistic license.

    Here's a list of cultural errors that I have spotted:
    1- The 'skirt' or 'Samping' of the musician is incorrectly worn. The pleat should be in the middle of the Samping and there shouldn't be a split at the side at all, since the samping is a loop of fabric.

    Here's a good reference on the subject:

    2- The houses with two pointy things sticking out of them are usually found in Indonesia or on the west coast of Malaysia. Langkawi is located in the Northern states, and the houses there tend to go without any embellishments on the rooftops.

    3- On the top of page 3 you illustrate a keris without its sheath. It is actually considered to be rude to display a unsheathed keris.

    4- Traditional Malaysian villages aren't just filled with rocks and palm trees. Common vegetation includes banana trees, fruit trees (Mangoes, Mangosteens, Durians and Rambutans are commonly planted in the compound of the house), paddy fields and the occasional bamboo thicket.

    Hope this helps to add some authenticity without detracting from the magic.

  2. This is a wonderful composition; I can instantly see the scenario here, and it's individual in layout compared to the previous ones. I'm in awe