Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Smart Ladies and Videogames

Last week (as I'm perpetually late to the party) Emily introduced me to Hchom, the online home of Marian Churchland. If you haven't been before, she's a fantastic artist with a really lovely, earthy palette, and recently she's written/illustrated a series (seven to date) of posts on the subject of her ideal game.

A few games and game mechanics come to mind when initially looking through her work, but if you look at the project on the whole, it becomes something unique/fascinating in its own right, and her approached to crafting items and armour design is something I'm totally on board with.

If you have an interest in game design, I can't recommend the posts enough. I would play her game in a second, and love every goddamn second of it.

Also, if you've ever felt guilty after playing a game for a long stretch of time (or, in the case of Warcraft players, looked at your /played statistics), you should totally check out Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal. A really interesting take on the future of games and where they might be headed.

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