Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Return of 3D

3D is some tricky shenanigans, and anyone that says differently is a lying scoundrel.

With that said, Tony Cliff, who does awesome comics and equally as awesome postmortems on said comics, has been lovely enough to let me model one of his panels in Maya. I'll be spending the next few weekends trying to do his linework justice, mixed here and there with working on Heart of Ice. So far the greyblocking looks a little something like this:

Next, to finish the modeling, UVing, sculpting, texturing and then lighting, and it should end up looking like an entirely different beast. The brick texture was an early Zbrush test, but I'm going to sculpt something a little closer to the original subject matter. The sticks and shapes in the background I'm saving for next Saturday.

Emily, on the other hand, has been working on something so secretive I've been banned from looking at it for longer than a second. Preposterous.


  1. What an absolutely stunning piece of work. I'm a fan of Tony Cliff's and it's so wonderful to see his work treated with such care and passion. Really lovely.