Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 in Review

I don't find myself doing art memes that often, which in some ways is probably a bad thing, as a number of them seem like really useful exercises. One that I do manage to complete each year is the thumbnail review, which I'm a fan of it that it tends to point out bad habits or overused colours real quick like. This one includes solely free-time work and excludes nearly all 3D pieces, as they're almost entirely created for work, and as such, not mine to post.

Yuko did a rockin' one, oh my.

2011 was a lot of fun on the art front. We, the second part of that being Ms. Carroll and I, attended TCAF, checked out some comic shops and art museums in England, had the good fortune of hanging out with the super talented comic artists of Vancouver, and between the two of us finished a number of comics and played/debated about way too many videogames.

Coming up - Quetzalcoatl be damned - attending another round of the shockingly awesome Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the smaller, newer and likely rainier Vancouver Comics Arts Festival. Also probably more videogame fanart and trying to wrap up some earlier projects, of the both two and three D variety.

One last thing on the game art front, the Dominance War results are in for character designs, and they're stunning. The only real bummer comment I might make about them is that the style that seems to win is always fairly... well, there seems to be a set look for what the judges are after - very detailed, very aggressive - and not many seem to break that mold. I just wish there was a little more charm in some of the character designs, but that's overly fussy, and the pieces created are, in a word, goddamn gorgeous.

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