Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comics! Two of them!

Awhile back both Emily C. and myself were approached about doing some work for a pocket sized comic anthology entitled 'Little Heart'. It's being put together to create awareness for an upcoming vote happening in Minnesota with regards to same sex marriage.

I'm not from Minnesota, but gosh darn it I've driven through the place and it was mighty pretty. If you'd like to support the anthology you needn't look farther than here. Also, here's a snippet of ours, which is five pages in total. Though I haven't seen it in its entirety just yet, there are some super talented people involved in it, including Michael Deforge, who is super smart and draws gross things.

Also, I posted the first page of the last comic here, so it's only fair the next one get the same treatment. Because of the colouring it's taking a little longer than the straight up blues of Heart of Ice, but I'm all for changing it up. It's about Tofino and Japan and surfing around in sweet wetsuits.

Also I posted this crow to Twitter, but he needs a more permanent home here. OR DOES HE. (he does)


  1. Kate,
    I'm writing this comment as of 4:30 am.
    as lover of art and comics, and being an insomniac,
    I can not begin to tell you how much joy your poopy headed crow has brought me.
    I lol'd till I passed out.
    -much love!

  2. This is the funniest thing I have seen all day.

    -Your twin

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