Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gone Home

Last month I decided to part ways with Exploding Barrel, my then place of employment, to work on a number of things which I'd mean meaning to focus on for a few years. I have a deep love of narrative and character development in games - mobile/social games, no matter how well made by lovely people, haven't really explored that angle to the same extent as PC/console games have.

Which is why, when the Fullbright Company asked if I might like to make some cool stuff with them, I was all, "Yes. Yes I would like that very much."

The Fullbright Company consists of Karla Zimonja, Johnnemann Nordhagen and Steve Gaynor as the core team, and they're making a game called Gone Home, which is an abandoned house exploration game. It's really cool. The game takes place in 1995, and you roll in in the middle of the night to an empty home. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what happened to the family that should, by all accounts, be there.

The dev blog is super interesting so far - Steve, Karla and Johnnemann have been writing some great posts if you're at all interested in the ins and outs of how a game gets made. Here are a handful of furniture pieces I did for the game. The lighting/mountain painting/books I can't take credit for.

Comic wise, it was my original intent to have Float (mentioned in an earlier post) done mid August, but with so many things on the go and a wedding next month, it's going to be delayed a few months. I'm still working away on it when I can. Here's a handful of panels! Where Emily C. stir fries her comics up in record time, mine go in the crock pot for some slow cookin'.

PS - On the character development front, Telltale's Walking Dead game is fantastic so far. I'm horrible-slow at hitting buttons quickly, so I'm little more than a spectator for this one, but it's one of those rare games that has you thinking about it post-play. Thoughtfully made, highly recommended. Telltale, you're great.


  1. You're so cool Kate! X3
    The screenshots of the game so far look great :) When can we expect it to come out?

  2. There's no date set in stone just yet, but sometime in 2013, when it's lookin' so fine. (Hopefully!) And thanks, Lillian, appreciated. :)

  3. Yay Kate! Can't wait to see all your stuff in its full glory :)

  4. Thank you so much for being a part of why this game exists.


  5. There is no day in effect yet, however between The year 2013, if it's lookin' consequently good. (With any luck ,!) Along with many thanks, Lillian, loved. :)
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