Saturday, January 12, 2013

The IGF and GDC and OMG

On Monday we (aka the Fullbright Company, aka Johnnemann, Karla, Steve, Marc and I) found out that Gone Home's been nominated for an award at the Independent Games Festival - The 'Excellence In Narrative' award to be particular about it. (Thank you judges!) I tried to sweep the cat into a celebratory, platonic embrace, but dude was having none of it. Dude just wanted me to know it was past Turkey n'Gravy o'clock, and pushed his paw in my mouth. Right in there.

Gone Home's on the list with four games, two of which I've played and loved (dys4ia, Kentucky Route Zero) and two of which I've only ever heard glowing things about. (Cart Life, Thirty Flights of Loving) but are due to be played in the very near future.

 I've never been to the Game Developer's Conference before, and I'm looking forward to it in a huge way. But also there is anxiety. The other day I sent Steve G. a couple of instant messages hand wringing about what to wear, and what if I say something dumb, so if I talk to you at GDC please speak in soothing, quiet tones like you would if you met a bear on a trail.

"Shhh, it's okay. You just go back to eating those blueberries, and I'll head back down this way, no biggie."


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